Green petroleum coke

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Green petroleum coke

Green petcoke

Petroleum coke is divided into raw petroleum coke and calcined petroleum coke according to the production heating temperature. Generally, only petroleum coke is produced in oil refineries, and calcined petroleum coke is used for the manufacture of graphite electrodes in carbon plants.

What is Green petroleum coke?

Raw petroleum coke is the raw material of petroleum coke produced by the distillation process of crude oil, which is produced through a delayed coking process (500°C). Raw petroleum coke contains a lot of volatile matter and has low mechanical strength. Raw petroleum coke is calcined (1350°C) to produce calcined petroleum coke.

Green petroleum coke production

The production process of raw petroleum coke is in the delayed coking unit, the raw material after the distillation of crude oil passes through the furnace tube of the high flow rate 500°C±1 heating furnace, and reacts in the coke tower to produce raw petroleum coke, which contains more volatile matter. The strength is poor. After calcining (1300°C), it can be made into calcined petroleum coke, and green cokes are generally produced by the refinery.

Green petroleum coke uses

Raw petroleum coke can be used as fuel. If an anode for aluminum smelting or an electrode for steel smelting is to be made, it needs to be calcined at a high temperature to complete the carbonization and reduce the volatile content to a minimum.

Green petroleum coke specifications

Green petroleum coke

Green petroleum coke specifications

No. 1 green coke is used as raw material for ordinary graphite electrodes and carbon products

No. 2 green coke is used as raw material for carbon products for aluminum smelting

No. 3 green coke is used as raw material for chemical production

The volatile content indicates the degree of coking of petroleum coke. The higher the coking temperature, the lower the volatile content. The volatile matter of the same coking tower differs greatly, the volatile matter of the tower bottom is smaller than that of the tower top, and the volume density is higher. The volatile content of petroleum coke does not have much influence on the quality of carbon materials, but has a great influence on the calcination operation.

For example, a tank calciner is used for calcining high volatile matter, raw petroleum coke will encounter the problem of coking and blocking the furnace.

Volatile matter: Heated in isolation of air to decompose vaporous products.

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