Carbon Graphite Electrode

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Carbon materials (petroleum coke, needle coke, and coal tar pitch) are calcined at high temperature, and then pressed, roasted, impregnated and graphitized to make carbon graphite electrodes.

Carbon-graphite electrode definition

Graphite electrode is a product obtained by graphitization of carbon material. In an electric arc furnace, at a high temperature above 2300°C, amorphous carbon will finally be converted into graphite which has a three-dimensional ordered planar hexagonal grid layered structure. Graphitization furnaces mainly have two kinds. One is Acheson graphitization furnace, the other is Length-wide graphitization furnace (LWG) .

Carbon Graphite Electrode

AC and DC Electric Arc Furnace

Carbon graphite electrode cost

Each ton of finished graphite electrodes require 1.02 ton of raw materials and 0.29 ton of binder. The cost of raw materials accounts for 66.88%.

The power cost in production processes such as roasting, graphitization, and machining accounted for 16.77%.

Labor costs in manufacturing processes accounted for 8.02%.

Manufacturing costs accounted for 8.33%.

Carbon Graphite Electrode

Carbon graphite electrode cost

RP, HP, UHP graphite electrode production cost calculation formula:

Carbon Graphite Electrode

RP, HP, UHP graphite electrode production cost

CPC -- Unit price per ton of petroleum coke

CNC --Unit price per ton of needle coke

CC -- Unit price per ton of coal tar pitch


Carbon Graphite Electrode

Carbon graphite electrode manufacturers

Nowadays, the graphite electrode industry is highly competitive. So, a large number of manufacturers compete the market of RP 300 GE (or lower grades) through fighting price war. Those bad behaviors result a bad phenomenon that the quality of graphite electrodes degrade sharply. For enterprises in steel industry, they put their priority on seeking well-known graphite electrode manufacturers and high-quality products. They hope to purchase outstanding graphite electrodes with a great price!

Tokai carbon graphite electrode

Tokai Carbon, a listed company located in Tokyo, Japan, has an annual capacity of 100,000 tons. The group’s main products contain graphite electrodes, fine carbon products, carbon black, furnace materials and industrial furnaces.

Dan carbon graphite electrode

China’s top three graphite electrode manufacturers with an annual capacity of 120,000 tons. The Group has focused on manufacturing graphite electrodes for 30 years. They have great advantages in the quality and price of HP and UHP graphite electrodes. Now, 700mm UHP graphite electrodes are already used in Japanese steel mills.

Fangda carbon graphite electrode

Fangda Carbon produced 170,000 tons of graphite electrodes in 2019. Most of those products are RP graphite electrodes. Fangda Carbon is a listed group in China, producing and selling graphite electrodes, carbon bricks, battery anode materials and graphene.

SGL carbon graphite electrodes

The German graphite electrode manufacturer, with an annual production capacity of more than 100,000 tons, has now been acquired by the SDK Japan.

Nippon carbon graphite electrode

Nippon Carbon is one of the earliest listed carbon materials companies in Japan.

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